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Creative Head

House of Majestic

Over time, I’ve seen all kinds of brides and grooms, and honestly, every one of them has been so different having their own visions and dream of their wedding outfit. Everyone irrespective of their gender, culture, and age have at least once thought or pictured their wedding in their minds. While early in my career, I witnessed one thing common when working with different couturiers is that; tasteful customization comes with a price.


Either a bride has a choice to pick something off the rack only being able to customize the basic elements like neckline or sleeves, or pay a heavy-duty price for detailed customization inclusive of a couture appointment with the designer itself. Well, obviously it does have huge costs involved on the designer-end as well for such detailed brainstorming requirements for each bride. But I just couldn’t help but feel that one’s dreams shouldn’t come with such a heavy price. What if there was a mid-way.

I’ve always loved talking to brides, grooms, and their mothers very much. I feel along the journey we’ve had I felt really happy learning about their dreams and vision and trying to create something that reflected their own individual taste and style. I mean that is what couture is all about. Personalization. Finesse. Luxury. But one thing that I’ve always wanted was to find a way where that materializing of someone’s dream doesn’t have to be limited by distance or by budgets. A dream is a dream right! A girl dreams about her wedding all her life. A guy wants to look the best on his D-day. A mother’s emotions are unfathomable when it comes to her child’s wedding.


Hence the idea behind the establishment of the House of Majestic was to capture the essence of sophisticated luxury by provoking Individuality, allure, and glamour with customization, sustainability, and personalization.


We’ve worked very hard and for a long time to figure out how our design concepts and the process can make couture be perfect and affordable no matter what part of the world you’re from. To make your wedding perfect without compromising on quality, opulence, handcraftsmanship, and service. We’ve created separate lines of couture that is catering to different needs of clients from all over the globe. We have our design teams trained and dedicated to work around your requirements, details, and budget and to perfection.

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