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As fashion begins to transcend further towards a profound change, towards a new normal, we as a
the brand is developing a more vivid consciousness for sustainability.
Encapsulating organically prepared socially responsible fabrics like pure organic cottons, ahimsa silk,
a fine assortment of linen and modal blends and more, we strive to achieve ethical means to curate
our ranges with a quintessential blend of opulence and benevolence. While keeping the brand
aesthetics and craft forevermore glorious, our purpose is to create products with value and intention
that can be adorned in multifaceted ways by our clientele.

We upcycle trims and accessories by accentuating and renewing their aesthetic value, giving a new
meaning and character to our ensembles.

The silhouettes are created thoughtfully with resourceful and creative pattern layouts to aid
minimum wastage of fabrics.

True craftsmanship blooms in a harmonious and sustainable environment. Delightful embroideries,
prints and surface textures are brought to life by our Design team using biodegradable /reusable raw

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