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'Turning your Wedding Dress to an Heirloom of Endless Love'


What’s better than being bequeathed upon by legacy of pure love? Having that quaint and magical
heritage outfit of a mother or a grandmother, adorned by her on her wedding day, draped with
thousands of beautiful moments and chaste feelings... Those timeless cultural heirlooms, the fine
handiwork, even in the most simplistic details there is so much art and so much glory.
More so, having such an ensemble etched and revived with the new life of your own dreams for your big
day… doesn’t it sound just perfect? Well, that’s where the House Of Majestic team enters the
To transform your dream into a beautiful reality, our trendsetters and the design team is there to
understand your vision and aesthetics. Step by step, they weave your story, your own style into the
beloved ensemble with the help of our fine team of craftsmen, patternmakers, and artisans, to
create magic. From revolutionizing silhouettes and layers to accentuating colors, textures, and
embroideries, reflecting your own je ne sais quoi, that’s how the heirloom is revived to live a whole
new story, a whole new legacy of love.

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