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Online Designer Wear for Men and Women in USA

Online Designer Wear for Men and Women

You now have control. Easily change the style and design to suit your requirements. Create a bespoke look that’s made just for your taste and your body. Be it Neckline – Sleeve – Silhouette Shape – Flair or even Color.  Whatever your preferences, whatever your size and height - We have it!


Outfits made exactly to your size – Your exact size – Even if you gain or lose weight – We’ve got you!

You’ll never hear “this doesn’t come in xl”

The House of Majestic offers the best online designer wear for men and women in the USA. Pure fabrics, finest embroideries, and with no compromise on quality.

Find Your Style

The choices encircling your wedding day are endless and sometimes overwhelming. At House of Majestic, we help you with all the gears to find and create that one-of-a-kind ensemble. Justifying the name 'Majestic', we assign you a personal bespoke stylist specializing in weddings, communicating and assisting you at every step of the order, offering a distinctive indulgence to the bride and groom.

Luxury Redefined
Pure fabrics, finest embroideries, and original Swarovski elements don’t have to cost a fortune. We believe in envisioning your dream outfit and creating the best version of it within your budget without compromising on quality. That’s the dream!

Comfortable wedding Outfits
No longer those heavyweight-wedding outfits that you can’t dance in. It’s your day. Enjoy it!

Shipping Worldwide
No, you won't have to wait 6 months for your bespoke wedding dress. We design, create and ship your outfit in 30-45 days no matter how intricate the work is.

Nobody says ‘No’ to the Royalty
Have an impromptu order? Don’t you worry a bit!
We have a separate production wing just for express orders which are produced flawlessly working nights and days and shipped to you in 14 days.

No Surprises
Worried that your customized order won't turn up as you imagined? We understand you like no other. From creating a bespoke sketch to a customized embroidery sample, to a finished product picture before shipping out the outfit, we’ve got you covered. And in case you need to make any minor changes, we’d do it no questions asked!

Majestic 'Play'
Pictures do speak a thousand words, but you wish to see your outfit sway and flow and bling right in front of your eyes? We can video chat and show it to you right wherever you are!

Designer Wear for Men and Women in USA

My Majestic Day made!

You like a dress and order it. You then try it on and it fits beautifully…and wear it on your D Day and people around you are in awe! ‘My Majestic Day Made’ is a contest that helps us hear your stories. We also reward the best of them. Here are the winning entries of our last contest. We hope you will share your special Majestic story in the current My Majestic Day made Contest.

First Prize $300, Second Prize $200.
Send us your story now!

Thanks for submitting!

Online Designer Wear for Women in USA
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